a) light grey multi-way dress (One Size Fits All)

b) red multi-way dress (One Size Fits All)

c) dusty pink, off shoulder long dress (suit size 10-12)

d) Gingham & Heels lace dress (suit size 12)

e) navy blue multi-way dress (One Size Fits All)

f) off-shoulder white lace fringe (approx. size 10-14)

g) sheer white, long-sleeve, low front lace dress (size 12-14)

h) white, long train multi-way dress (One Size Fits All)

i) wide / off-shoulder, long, light pink chiffon (suit size 10-16)

Suitable for beach or studio

j) sheer white lace 3/4 length robe (own lingerie)

k) off-shoulder, long train, white lace (suit size 12-14)

l) wide-shoulder, long-sleeved Champagne, fish tail lace
(not suitable for beach/outdoors) (size 10-12)

m) grey strapless with extra long chiffon train (approx size 10-14)
(not suitable for beach/outdoors)

n)  white, 3/4 length, chiffon robe with lace cuffs (own lingerie)

o) see-through, long-sleeve, long, black lace dress (own lingerie)

p) dark charcoal grey multi-way dress (One Size Fits All)

q) forest green, off-shoulder, fish tail, long train (size 10-14)

r) 3/4 length, black lace robe (own lingerie)

s) simple white chiffon length drape (no bra, own underwear)

(t) (left) strapless cream chiffon and sheer lace, side split (size 10-12)
and (right) see (l) above
(both not suitable for beach)

(u1) light GREEN multi-way dress  (One Size Fits All)
Also available also in various colours (see below u2)

u2) darker pink multi-way dress (One Size Fits All)

(u3) Cream multi-way dress (OSFA)

(v) (left) long-sleeve, off-shoulder, claret colour, fishtail lace gown (not transparent)

(w) (right) – long-sleeve, off-shoulder, claret colour, fishtail, sheer
(both not suitable for beach/outdoors) (both size 10-14)

(x) Long-sleeve, sheer white lace gown, open from waist (size 10-14)

gold coast maternity photographer
(y) Jaase, long sleeve, lace sleeves and bottom, low front (up to size 14)

gold coast maternity photographer

(z) Grey full tulle skirt, wide neck, 3/4 sleeve, lace bodice (size 10-12) – not suitable for outdoors

(AA) copper/rust colour, off-shoulder or strapless (size 10-14)

(AB) Calla dress – white, ‘V’ neck long sleeves, with chiffon diamantes (size 10-12)

gold coast maternity photographer

(AC) cornflour blue, strapless, fitted with long round train (size 10-12)

gold coast maternity photographer

(AD) teal green, strapless, side split (size 10-12)gold coast maternity photographer

(AE) white strapless, fitted, small train (size 10-12)

(AF) black sheer lace, short-sleeved, short train (size 10-12)gold coast maternity photographer

(AG) soft pink, strapless, fitted (size 10-14)
(can go under or over arms)gold coast maternity photographer

(AH) lace bodice, white sheer chiffon train, cross-over front, sleeves 2 ways, open front (size 10-14)gold coast maternity photographer

(AI) champagne tulle, ruffled bodice and layered skirt, open front (size 10-14)
(not suitable for outdoors)gold coast maternity photographer

(AJ) dusty pink tulle bodice with long bow, ruffled, layered skirt (size 10-12)
(not suitable for outdoors)gold coast maternity photographer

(AK) black, one-shoulder, bodysuit (L & XL sizes)


(AL) peach,satin, long-sleeved (size 10-14)
(AM) white boho style, strapless, lace dress (size  10-14)
(AN) black lace long sleeved top (3 sizes, M, L, XL)
Own black bra & skirt required

gold coast maternity photographer

(AO) Transparent sequined, long wide sleeves lace gown, adjustable waist (OSFA)

(AP) Light blue cotton long train off shoulder gown (size 10-14)