Scan & Image Re-touch Service

Have you recently uncovered your old baby or family photos and albums?

Are the prints faded, weird colours or still stuck in sticky albums you can’t get out without ripping? 😱

Now more than ever, it’s so important to look after these
family treasures for future generations. 📷

But if you don’t have a good scanner (or the patience) to digitise them,
they will continue to fade or may even get accidentally thrown away!

That’s where I come in!

I can easily scan these for you, correct any skin colour casts, fix any minor damage and
provide them to you in print-ready high resolution jpegs so they can be safely
backed up on your hard drive and more importantly, shared with the rest of the family.

Contact me now if this has been on your ‘to do’ list but
you’d rather outsource it!
Prices are VERY reasonable and quick turn-around times!


$2.50 / scan

(colour or b/w print or 35mm film or negative)
Provide digital high resolution copies only
Bulk discount applied to 50 or more prints $2.00 /scan

$7.00 / scan & re-touch

Basic color cast corrections and minor damage repair only

$5.00 re-touch and edit existing digital scans

Including cosmetic, background or other substantial editing of digital images

Badly damaged prints 

Major editing of significantly damaged photos will be price on application
(sometimes those types of photos can take a long time to edit properly)

Delivery of digital images options

1. Small orders – DROPBOX for download and backup on your hard drive (free)
2. Provide your own USB
3. Purchase a usb from me $10 for a 16Gb drive
(may be more depending on size of files and max storage size of usb required)

Turn-around times

5-7 business days, may vary depending on size of order.

Re-print them:

Why not get those damaged photos re-printed?
I offer professional photographic lab printed from $3.00 – find out more on sizes & prices  HERE.

Terms and conditions:

* please note, due to the Australian Copyright Act (1968) (see this guide for easy to understand information), I cannot digitise and provide a digital reproduction of another photographer’s hard copy print that was previously purchased at another photo shoot. It is very likely that photographer retains the copyright to those images and digitising it will cause me to breach their right to reproduction and potential commercial revenue.

* only photographs taken in non-commercial occasions (eg family situations by family members) or where the copyright has long since expired (a commissioned photograph taken before 1955), will be digitised.

s o c i a l   m e d i a