Little Room Sessions


* 30 minute session

* 5 high res images

Perfect for 1st, 2nd or 3rd birthday portraits !!

Styles for boys or girls include:

* bathroom (ducks / unicorns)
* Princess bedroom with tiaras & crowns
* flowers (eg daisy, roses, lavender)
* World traveller (computer/camera/phone)
* Farmer / garden / greenery
* beachy
* Boho beauty
* lemon stand
* vintage planes/bikes/cars
* teddy bears
* artist / painter
* sweet tooth

All rooms are completely interchangeable with props and colours or we can
work together to customize a very special room of your own with some of your
own pieces!!



* No photography or filming is permitted during the session to avoid the child’s distraction.
* These sessions are for baby-only and not suitable for family session.
* Purchasing extra images 1-5 images are $30.00 (incl gst) each, or
5+ they are discounted to $25.00 (incl gst) each.
* Sessions are booked for just after the child’s morning nap when they
are happy & not tired, cranky or hungry.
* The session is only a success if the child chooses to participate.
We will take our time & I will do everything I can to relax &
encourage your child, however refunds
will not be provided if the child does not wish to cooperate
or has separation anxiety making it impossible to get relaced and happy photos.


Interest free payment plans through PayAdvantage are also available.For more information on this option click here.