PayAdvantage payment plan option

I am now happy to be offering interest free, direct debit payment plans through PayAdvantage to help pay off your photo session or printed product orders to help you be able to afford these precious memories of your family.

This involves the signing of a direct debit authorisation agreement to allow PayAdvantage access to set up and make the payments for you. Just like you would paying a mobile or electricity bill.

It’s really very easy to set up – a “set and forget” arrangement.

We agree on a start and finish date (usually the day of the session). You decide on the amount to pay and the schedule (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) that suits your family budget.

There is no interest charged, however there is a tiny admin fee of 0.88c, per transaction which PayAdvantage charge (not me).

To help you work it out, here is an example:

If the outstanding amount is $800, and the session is 6 months away, you can opt for :

* Monthly: 6 monthly payments of $133.33 + 0.88c per transaction

* Fortnightly: $66.66 per fortnight (12 payments) + 0.88c per transaction

* Weekly: $33.33 per week (24 weeks) + 0.88c per transaction

PayAdvantage do also charge a failure / dishonour fee of $5.50, per transaction, if there is not enough funds to cover a payment.

Please note that no photos will be provided until full payment has been made, similar to a retail lay-by arrangement. A deposit of $100 is made to secure the bookings. Then the remainder can be made in payment plans.

Contact me if you would like more information or wish to go ahead and have the Agreement emailed to you.